Fayre to middling

26 Nov

Sim and I went on a road trip the other day, and I was going to write about it, but it wasn’t really all that disastrous.

We did get lost twice and drive through Witney about four times…

And arrived for a village fayre two hours too early…

And had no lunch apart from a packet of crisps and some fruitcake while walking around, and some chips and tea an hour later…

And someone told us that Leafield had a Millennium Bench but it had been nicked…

Oh, and we saw this sign:

So okay, perhaps it was business as usual. The thing is, one of Simon’s colleagues invited him to come to his village Christmas Fayre. We jumped at the chance because we were envisioning a couple of rickety trestle tables in the church selling bric a brac that no sane person could ever want to buy. But when we got there, it actually looked like this:

It was rather tasteful and beautiful and smelled of mulled wine.

Fortunately, our love of tat was satisfied by winning this awful floating scented candle from the tombola. Someone’s going to get a lovely Christmas present…

Thank you Leafield. If it weren’t too late, we’d totally be back to hear about the rise and fall of the Witney blanket industry.


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