All right my babber?

6 Sep

Oh, yes, so, I live in Bristol now.


How I love thee, with your chatty cafe staff, your two or three ciders on tap in every pub, your spectacular hill views, your plethora of independent stores, your cider barge, your street art making beauty out of ashes, your floating bus service, and your people who say “churz”.

I’ve noticed some things I’d never noticed about Bristol, after 10 years away. It’s a little bit more okay to talk to a stranger here. And it seems to me that there’s a general air of optimism about. It’s as if everyone likes this city and wants to make it a cool place to live, to make it better, not bring it down. Maybe I’m basing this on the mural in the al fresco art gallery that used to be an underpass my mum forbid me from using – it now proclaims: “RELENTLESS OPTIMISM”. I likes that, I does.


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